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during the computer screening; National Research Program selection; and Random selection.

The length of each audit varies depending on the type of audit, the complexity of items being reviewed, the availability of information being requested, and the agreement or disagreement with the audit findings. It could last few hours in a day or could last years. An audit can be concluded in three ways: (1) No change: an audit in which you have substantiated all of the items being reviewed and results in no changes; (2) Agreed: an audit where the IRS proposed changes and the taxpayer agrees with the changes; (3) Disagreed: an audit where the IRS has proposed changes and the taxpayer disagrees with the changes.   You will then need to pursue with appeal process.
Tax Audit
An IRS audit is a review/examination of an individual’s or organization's or accounts and financial information to ensure information is being reported correctly, according to the tax laws, to verify the amount of tax reported is accurate.  Selecting a return for audit does not always suggest that an error has been made. Returns are selected using a variety of methods, including: Document matching; Inside leads; Low scores of the tax returns
An offer is an agreement that settles outstanding tax liabilities for a fractional amount of the actual liability that is owed.  The taxing authorities look at the taxpayer assets, current and future income as well as earning potential when calculating a taxpayer’s collection potential.  Some exceptions are made for taxpayers with severe financial hardship or other extenuating circumstances.  If you have any questions of if we can further assist you, please contact our experienced CPAs at Alpha Tax Group.
Tax Resolution
We will help you to resolve your tax issues and settle your tax debt by assisting your with an Offer in Compromise (OIC) and Tax Settlement. The Offer in Compromise program is administered by the IRS and various state agencies in order to collect tax debts that may never be settled.

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Examples of sales tax evasion are:
 • Retailers collect sales tax reimbursement from their customers on sales but intentionally fail to report and pay the tax collected.
 • Retailers intentionally fail to report all retail sales on which sales tax is due.

Sales tax issues may be extremely complicated.  If you have any questions or if we can further assist you, please contact Alpha Tax Group.
Sales and Use Tax Audit
Sales tax audits can be costly to taxpayers, especially those that do not maintain adequate books and records.  In addition to the additional sale tax due, sales tax results may also lead to information sharing with the Franchise Tax Board and the IRS.  This could trigger other audits from the federal or State government agencies.

Under the California Revenue and Taxation Code, any person who evades the reporting, assessment or payment of sales taxes that would otherwise be due may be guilty of sales tax evasion.  Violations can be subject to various fines and penalties.